[Support Guide] How do I transfer my domain name to (or away from) Netlify?

Last checked by Netlify Support Team on May 25, 2022

Great question!

Answer: you can’t transfer a domain name to Netlify - but, if you buy a domain using Netlify you can transfer it to another company (only Name.com supported at the moment).

Wait?!? What???

Netlify is not a domain name registrar. Registrars are the companies and organizations which sell domain names. Only official registrars can accept inbound domain transfers. Because we are not a registrar, you cannot transfer a domain name to us. :+1:

Netlify works equally well with or without the domain under our control, which means you can use Netlify with any domain you own purchased from any registrar. :smile:

So how do I use my domain name with Netlify?

This is covered in our custom domains documentation. The goal of that guide is to configure the domain name system (DNS) records for your domain to point to Netlify. And there is more than one way to do this - documented at the link above.

If you are planning to use the automatic DNS configuration option explained in that doc, there is more information about this in another doc called Managed DNS as well.

What about domains purchased via Netlify?

We try to configure them automatically for you, since all domains you buy from us are autoconfigured to use our DNS Hosting.

Can I transfer them to another person or registrar?

Yes, and we are happy to assist with this! Currently, you’ll need to create a support ticket to complete the transfer. Please head to http://www.netlify.com/support and choose the transfer option from the dropdown menu.

Before we can transfer a Netlify-purchased domain to your control, you’ll need to create an account with Name.com, the registrar we buy domains through. Then we can transfer the domain name to your account with Name.com.

The basic outline of that process follows:

Note: The instructions above show the account code at the top right of the page. Name.com has updated their user interface and it might be in the middle or towards the bottom now.

Once you send us the account code, we will start the process of transferring the domain to you. When the transfer is complete, you will be able to do whatever you like with your domain name.

*If you experience any trouble with step 1 of the instructions in that link, you’ll probably need to verify your contact info via the Update button on name.com instead.

To find the Update button:

  1. Log into your Name.com Account

  2. Select the Profile drop-down

  3. Select Default Contacts (Log in to your Name.com Account | Sign into your Name.com account to manage domains | Name.com)

This action will prompt the name.com system to begin the verification process by sending you an email with a verification code. Write us back after this has been completed so we can initiate the transfer.

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