Is Netlify a domain name registrar?


I currently have a site hosted through AWS. However I want to move completely over to Netlify. So I have already switched the dns over to netlify in route 53. Got rid of the ec2 instance and the s3 bucket.

However I would netlify to be the registrar. From reading this article [Common Issue] How do I transfer my domain name to (or away from) Netlify? I know that netlify is not a registrar.

However I see they use Is it possible to transfer my domain to name dot com and it would be under netlify’s control? Should i delete the domain from aws and register it again through netlify?

I would just like to have everything in one place.


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Hello @mikewgd, you won’t be able to transfer your domain to Netlify as mentioned in the post about transferring domains.

Alternatively, you can switch to using Netlify’s DNS by changing the name servers on route53.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Ok, great! Thank you!