Trying to Move Domain From Squarespace to Netlify

I’m trying to move away from Squarespace but I have an NS1 configuration error. I have talked Squarespace and they say can offer a transfer code which from what I can tell Netlify doesn’t require. What do I need to transfer my domain away from Squarespace into Netlify?

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hmm, what NS1 are you receiving? it it this one?

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It’s similar but the process at seems to be much easier than Squarespace.
Under Squarespace’s nameservers those same NS1 are there but I can’t do anything to delete or edit them. I’ve contacted Squarespace and have an ongoing thread with them but they don’t seem to know what I’m talking about? Is there a work around that you know of?


There are two ways to point a domain to a Netlify site:

NS1 is a SaaS domain name system (DNS) provider and amazingly good at what they do. (I’m a fan. :slight_smile: ) They sell their DNS infrastructure to other companies. Both Squarespace and Netlify use NS1 to build our DNS services.

The issue in this case is that Squarespace already configured a DNS zone for your domain at NS1. The APIs at NS1 won’t allow a duplicate DNS zone to be created. This means that Squarespace must delete their DNS zone configuration before we can make one for Netlify DNS.

This is happening because if both Netlify and Squarespace created zone, which one would be the “correct” zone? Which DNS records should NS1 use, the ones we created or the ones Squarespace created?

The solution is they don’t allow duplicate zones. In order for Netlify to create a zone for your domain, no other zones for it can exist at NS1.

If you registered the domain using Squarespace directly, you can still use our external DNS instructions above.

If Squarespace can delete their DNS zone for this domain (and maybe they can’t, but if they can) then you will be able to use Netlify DNS if you prefer.

If Squarespace cannot remove the DNS zone they created and you still want to use Netlify DNS, there are other solutions for this. The process would involve transferring the domain to another registrar. Note, you cannot transfer domains directly to Netlify (more about this here). Once the domain was at a registrar which doesn’t use NS1, you can contact NS1 as the domain owner and they will delete the zone for you.

For example, if you transfer the domain to they also use NS1. However, they now have an option to delete the NS1 zone directly in their UI. This will allow you to delete the zone and change DNS for the domain to Netlify DNS without contacting NS1. You just click an option in the UI at and confirm.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.

Can you break this down and make it more simple