Point my domain to Google Cloud address

Hi there,

I purchased a local domain from a local registrar and then transferred it to Netlify. Now i need to point this domain to my website hosted on Google Cloud. Netlify DNS records however disallowed me to amend the IP addresses to point to. Please kindly help!

Current records:
www. amanco.id → infallible-montalcini-e607f1.netlify.app
amanco.id → infallible-montalcini-e607f1.netlify.app

I want to amend to:
www.amanco.id →
amanco.id →

hi there, one question: if you aren’t using Netlify to host your sites, you won’t be able to use Netlify DNS for your DNS management. Can you verify that this isn’t what you are trying to do? Thanks.

yes, unfortunately, due to a business decision and local regulatory requirement, we have to host our site and customer data with a vendor that have physical servers in the country of our business

ok, makes sense! here is a guide to transferring DNS control away from Netlify that is probably a good starting point for you: