Migrate from netifly to godaddy

Hello Team !
My website is called raisinahill.co and I had requested help last week to transfer this website /domain from netlify to godaddy .

I wrote to Godady in order to host my domain with them and they sent the following msg:

“Please contact the support team of Netlify they will help you on how to unlock the domain in order to transfer and you will get an EPP or authorization code”.

Subsequently I wrote to Netlify and got the reply below:

“That domain is not registered on Netlify. You have an active DNSZone but the domain itself is not hosted by us.”

Simply put I wish to host my domain on godaddy from netifliy’s actIve DNS ZONE and need help.

How do we get this done? Pls help!

Thank you
Manisha Sood

You don’t need an EPP or authorization code as you are not transferring the domain. the domain is already registered with GoDaddy.

Currently the nameservers are set to Netlify. If you wish to host a website on this domain on another service, you need to set the nameservers either back to those provided by GoDaddy or those of the other service you are using.


Thank you :slight_smile: ill go back to godaddy and share this solution.