Taking baby steps with Netlify: How can I set up my DNS properly?

Hi there,

I have been a long-time blogger using Wordpress but I am looking to get more involved with coding in the future.

I am hoping to use Netlify for a new static site project of mine which will be a digital art portfolio. I registered the domain name using GoDaddy and wish to transfer it over to Netlify. I’ve changed the name servers but I am unsure about the next step. I am pretty sure that there are no DNS records on GoDaddy and I haven’t set any up yet with Netlify. I am just wondering how to move forward from here? Where’s the best place to learn?



Hi Cam and welcome to our community!

You can’t “transfer” a domain from Godaddy to Netlify (so you can renew it via our system), since we are not a registrar like Godaddy is, but that is in no way required to use our service.

Once you’ve set up the zone in our domains listing (which I think you have, here: https://app.netlify.com/teams/camzhu/dns/camzhuart.com) then we are ready to use it on a site. If you apply a custom domain like “www.camzhuart.com” to a netlify site, we’ll automatically create the correct DNS records for you. If you want to set up a record pointing to another service like wordpress, you can do that at the URL I linked in the first sentence of this paragraph.

If you have trouble getting things set up as you’d prefer let us know more about what you’re trying to accomplish, how you tried, and what happened when you tried, and we’'ll be happy to give more in depth advice.