DNS nameservers

Hello all,

I just joined the Netlify community. Thanks in advance for helping me out. I created a landing page and added the codes in Netlify with my domain that i bought from GoDaddy. I have some issue on DNS configuration as i dont have the DNS certificate.

I really dont know what to do after this to get my website live. Pls help

it is asking me to update the nameservers and i do not find a place to do so. Pls help me

It would appear that you have two issues to resolve.

First, I’m not seeing any content at distracted-beaver-559a55.netlify.com (outside of the standard Netlify 404 page), so your landing page either has not been transferred to Netlify, has a name other than “index.html”, or is in a sub-folder. Otherwise, it should load.

Second, you will have to update your DNS name servers at GoDaddy. I don’t have any domains registered at GoDaddy so I can’t offer any substantive help, but there must be a way of telling GoDaddy that you wish to use Netlify DNS servers instead of GoDaddy DNS servers. This may not be on the same page where you make and/or manage DNS entries on GoDaddy when you are using GoDaddy servers.

In the Domains tab of your Netlify dashboard, you will see a DNS Settings section. Right below that you will see the names of the Netlify DNS records for your custom domain. They take the format of dns1.p08.nsone.net.

The page you are looking for will be similar to this:

Those four values in the Nameservers pane must be entered at the registrar – in your case, GoDaddy – to replace the registrar’s default DNS entries.

Once you’ve done that, Netlify should recognize that you have made the change within a few hours.