External name server not detected


I have a site (gulia-groenke.netlify.app) and a domain (guliagroenke.com) registered with GoDaddy.

A few weeks ago I published the site and changed the domain to use Netlify’s name servers. Everything worked perfectly and my site was reachable using the domain.

A couple days ago we switched back to using GoDaddy’s name servers (for various reasons, we decided to use those). Everything still works as expected, but the domain management page on netlify still says that we’re using “Netlify DNS” for the domain:

Question: shouldn’t this by now have changed to “external DNS” or something? We made the change more than 40 hours ago, that should be enough for Netlify to detect that the name server has changed or am I missing something?


Hey there! Yes it does look like the UI hasn’t interpreted the change, despite the DNS functioning just fine. One solution is to remove the custom domain using the Options dropdown, then re-adding it. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I did what you suggested and Netlify still thinks that the domain is on Netlify DNS:

I don’t think that this is a UI problem, something deeper than that is going on IMO

Despite everything working just fine for now, I’m worried that there will be problems when the SSL certficate will have to be renewed.

This isn’t an issue. The UI shows Netlify DNS, because you still had the DNS zone in your account. I have deleted it from our end now.

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Thanks! So I could have solved it myself by hitting the button “Delete DNS Zone” ?

Yes, that is correct.