SSL certificate is not valid yet, change from goDaddy to Netlify

I DO change the name servers before copying the DNS records from GoDaddy to Netlify. Now my only issue is the SSL certificate, is already several hours and netlify is telling me that my custom domain appears not to be served by netlify, BUT I’m doing a

curl -s -v 2>&1 | grep Server  < Server: Netlify

And as you can see I have a Netlify server as an answer.

What could be the problem here? Is just a matter of time until the DNS propagation?
thank you so much any leads in this.

Hi @davidberco.

Yes, you are correct, its just a matter of waiting for DNS to propagate.

If after 24 hours you still don’t have a certificate, let us know and we can investigate further!

Hi Laura,
Part of the solution was wait for the DNS propagation, the other part of the solution was to remove the domain, and add the domain again, but this time put the naked domain (without www), even if the placeholder inside the UI of netlify shows www.customdomain,com, that provokes that the SSL certificate generates for * and so I solved my problem.
Do you know if my gateway of solve this problem was a lucky shot or do you think is the “ok” procedure?

Hi @davidberco, yup, what you did sounds reasonable (though it doesn’t really matter if you use or bare domain or www subdomain). Though, it should only be necessary to do those steps if your DNS configuration has taken too long to propagate and you wanted to trigger the DNS verification and SSL provisioning as soon as you can confirm that the propagation has completed.

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