SSL/TLS certificate for custom domain


I purchased a brand new domain and changed my DNS in Namecheap to point to Netlify. My domain is still propagating and generating an SSL certificate even though my DNS is showing Netlify. It’s still saying “Waiting on DNS propagation” and its been 24 hours.

I’m struggling because this is my first time using Netlify so I can’t really tell if something is wrong or if this will just take a really long time. I’ve transferred a domain before to another service and this never took this long.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there, it really definitely absolutely can take 24-48 hours for DNS to propagate. It’s frequently faster, but often really does take that long.

Here are a few threads that might be of interest to you:

I would wait a little while longer - and if you see no change, comment again here and we will take a closer look. :muscle: