Can Netlify domain DNS be updated to point to Hostgator?

I have already raised a support ticket request (139059) to update my domain DNS to point to Hostgator, but I’ve not heard back in 24 hours.
Perhaps this is normal, but I’m not sure it can even be done!

I want to host my Netlify domain at Hostgator, but I can’t see how to set the DNS records to
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

If this can be done, can I set them myself - how would I do this?

Or is it better to transfer the domain to and manage the DNS Nameservers from there?

Many thanks

Thank you

Nope. That would be against our terms of service:

see section 2.7 of this doc:

Instead, you should follow these instructions to transfer the domain off Netlify, so you can do whatever you want with it at your DNS host, instead of ours, where we pay for your DNS hosting, which we only want to do if you are hosting sites within the domain, here:


Also, please set expectations appropriately on response time - we do not guarantee any response time to folks below the enterprise account level in any forum, and we don’t even intend to provide you support there at all as a customer without a paid team plan (Pro or higher).

Many thanks for clarifying this.
I now understand that Netlify is not a domain name registrar, that support response is not guaranteed without a paid plan and that I should transfer the domain off Netlify.
I have sent a support request to transfer to