Transferring a domain out of Vercel and transferring it to Netlify

I purchased a domain through the Vercel platform. We’re struggling to decouple it from Vercel and transfer to Netlify.

Support has told me to turn off the NS1 nameservers, but again this is proving hard in Vercel. Is there a way to transfer the domain from Vercel to Netlify. There’s no Vercel project associated with the domain as well.

Additionally, I do also have a domain transfer auth code, but I’m not sure if that can be used with the Netlify platform. Thanks.

Apparently it’s not possible to transfer a domain to Netlify.

What you can do is use other registrars for your domain place, such as Name.‎‎com, Namecheap, Porkbun or Google Domains.

If you want to point your domain to Netlify though, you just need to change the nameservers to the one listed on your Netlify site dashboard.

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Hey @noahlst

@hartanto is correct, you cannot transfer a domain into Netlify. Your option (as stated above) is to transfer it from Vercel to another registrar. You then have the choice to use Netlify DNS

or configure the domain using the registrar’s DNS