Verification of deleted Site

Regarding this post: (Can't use deleted account's domain - “custom_domain is owned by the other account” - #26 by perry)

I would like to verify my ownership of the domain name from my deleted account on netlify. I cannot remake the account and reclaim it to move to firebase.

Super noob - I am not sure where to go from here besides asking for the domain name verification, and then after that, I am lost. Thank you.

Hey @nathanielbackus

If you registered through Netlify, please have a read through this support guide regarding transferring it

Hi, @nathanielbackus. Thank you for making this topic to let us know about this and our support team can get this working again.

I’ve sent you an email for a helpdesk ticket so we can get you access to this domain again. Please do reply to the email about ticket # 96529, if you see it. However, if you don’t see that email, please do reply here to let us know.