Cancel site but keep domain name with a new provider


I host my personal website using the Free Tier but I have paid for a domain name through your services.

In light of today’s news regarding a user being billed $105k for a DDOS account on a free tier and in view of how you have reacted to this (only waiving the fee when a Reddit post reached front page of Hacker News) - I am cancelling subscription with you immediately.

My question being - once I cancel my account with you, how does this affect the domain name I have bought for 12 months? How can this be transferred to a new service?

Thank you

You’ll find all the information you require in this support guide @fbragman

Hi, @fbragman. On the DNS settings page for any domain registered via Netlify there is a “Transfer domain” section at the bottom of that page which says the following:

You can transfer your domain out of Netlify at any time following these steps:

  1. Sign up for a account.

  2. ICANN — the organization that manages the Domain Name System (DNS) – requires verification of your contact information before we can transfer the domain to your account.

  3. Go to Account Contacts in your dashboard, make sure your contact information is correct, and click Update. You can choose to verify your details via email or phone.

Once your contact information is verified, contact Netlify support with your Account Code, and we’ll transfer the domain to your account.

The string “contact Netlify support” will be a link that will open our new support ticket form an pre-populate some of the required information. Neither Netlify nor charges for the internal (internal to account transfer.

Once you have direct control at Name, no DNS changes will occur yet. However, you can then manually make any DNS changes required at that point. You can even transfer the domain to a new registrar (but other registrars will typically charge for the transfer to their service).

If there are any other questions about this or if you run into any issues opening the support ticket, please let us know.