Suspended domain issue

Based on my former request,

Pls can I get back all my suspended site domain to use on another service?

The email associated with the suspended sites is:

Hey there, @Grtnxhor :wave:

Yes, your suspended site domain are absolutely yours to use. You can read about how to transfer your domains here:

Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Thank you but I can’t use the domains on another netlify account.

I’ve created another netlify account which is attached to this email but I can’t use all previous domains on this new one.

It keeps telling me that the domain is in use in another netlify account.

Pls help


you are permanently banned from netlify for hosting content that violates our terms of service. we have banned your second account just now.

you will have to find a different service to host your sites and use a different domain name service to connect your domains to those new sites.

you are not welcome on netlify now or in the future. if we find more of your sites we will ban them as well. do you understand?

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