Domain mapping from Wordpress to Netlify


Question #1

I’m trying to do a domain mapping from my wordpress site to a domain I own with Netlify. For this I added the following NS records

however the the nameserver tab still doesn’t show the updated values (its been around 48 hours). Also, getting the error from Wordpress site that “domain mapping hasn’t been set yet”

Question #2

Do I need to update A and CNAME records as well?

Gentle ping, any update on this? thanks :pray:

Hey @mukul,

It depends what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to use Netlify DNS, give this a spin! If you want to use your existing DNS provider/registrar, try this on for size!

@mukul I don’t know that it’s possible to define a name server within a name server. At your registrar (, you have set Netlify to be the name server for your domain. You cannot then tell Netlify name servers to use someone else’s name servers.

One way to approach this would be to change the DNS entries with to point to the DNS for your WordPress install (as this seems to be what you want to do). If you just want to run WordPress on a separate server without a Netlify site at a different subdomain, this is the most straightforward.

If you want to run both a WordPress site (on a separate server) and a Netlify site off of this custom domain, then you might think about deleting the NS records for your WordPress site from the Netlify DNS and use redirects to sort out which traffic goes where.

Thank you both for replying!

I can’t transfer my domain since its under 60 day window. So in the mean time - I wanted to point my domain ('s nameservers to wordpress - following this guide:

So I added NS records here for that

Since I want to point to the Wordpress nameservers, then I wanted to remove the netlify nameservers from the domain

Is that correct?
If so, I don’t see an option to do that.

Thanks again @Scott @gregraven

Also quick clarifications @gregraven

I did not buy or set the nameservers with I bought it on Netlify’s site which I assumed they did it for me?

I just want to run a wordpress site with a domain inside Netlify DNS - I don’t want to run a netlify site on the domain or subdomain

Hey there @mukul,

I see. Hosting your DNS with us and not having the site here is a bit of a no-no! However, don’t fear, we can transfer your domain over to your control at where you can have full control and use the domain on services outside of Netlify.

If this is what you’d like, please give this guide a read!

HI @Scott thanks for replying. Yes please transfer the domain to I followed the guide you shared, how do I share my account code now? Should I post here?

pinging @gregraven in case if you have any bandwidth. Thanks!

hi mukul, your account ID (not transfer code - we need the account ID) is safe to post in public here. Let us know and a staff member will assist.

Thanks for replying @perry its 2155576-c4975e5 thanks!

You do not seem to have verified your ICANN contact details as that guide you linked suggests you do:

Could you try to do that and let us know? Then we can complete the transfer.

@fool thanks for replying!. I just verified the ICANN contact details. Could you please check? Thanks!

Hi, @mukul. The transfer of this domain name to your account is complete.

If there are any questions, please let us know.