DNS - Switch my domain name to Netlify

Hello my netlify site name is https://jolly-hermann-f178df.netlify.app/.
I’m in the process of moving a .fr custom domain name currently hosted on Ionos.
I wanted to know if my settings were okay.
I did activate my name servers with :
I know it takes time, so I’m waiting. But it’s rather the above parameters where I question myself

Could you tell me if I haven’t made any mistakes?
If I have to delete things?
Thank you very much.

@Kamsou Welcome to the Netlify community.

I believe the CNAME for the www subdomain should point to your Netlify subdomain, not to your custom domain.

Also, unless you retain your account with Ionos, your e-mail won’t work. As it is, it might require some finesse to get ionos.fr to handle e-mail for a domain it’s not hosting. At any rate, good luck with that.

Thanks @gregraven , I keep my account with Ionos anyway, so I guess it should work?
However, my domain is linked to my wp i.e. I connect to the back office by doing “mySite.com/backend/wp-admin
But now I’m redirected to netlify and an error page.
Do you know how to set this up? :no_mouth:

I may not understand your setup, but I’m guessing you’ll need a separate domain name for your WordPress instance to make this work.

@gregraven I can use sub domain for example ?

Yes, you should be able to.

But problem with subdomain is that it takes the same name server as the main domain…
I’m forced to use another domain name?

Maybe I don’t understand your question. You should be able to set up (for example) wp.docteur-frey-esthetique.fr to point to your WordPress server and www.docteur-frey-esthetique.fr to point to your files on Netlify.

@gregraven Yes, you understand my problem.
But “Unable to find the IP address of the api.docteur-frey-esthetique.fr server.”
I can’t just config this subdomain DNS on my host :

the configuration is blocked. Do I need to recreate new ones and add a specific ip?

You don’t need the www.api sub-domain, only the api sub-domain.

The host of your WordPress instance should be able to give you the IP of the server.

If not, the “host” command in the terminal will give you the IP address, if it can reach your WordPress server. For example:

host www.docteur-frey-esthetique.fr
www.docteur-frey-esthetique.fr has address

(Of course, this could be your Netlify IP, so you’ll have to look for the domain/ subdomain that matches your WordPress instance.)

Alternately, if you are not using your WordPress instance for anything except as a back end for something like Frontity, you could check to see if there is a server-specific name for it. For example, if you were hosting with WP Engine, it might be something like d-f-e.wpengine.com. If no one is going to visit that site except for admins such as yourself, you could use the “built-in” name, if there is one.

Yes, and the IP adress point on my api sub-domain is real, it’s my api host server… Don’t understand why he don’t find :no_mouth:
I have error not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) in terminal.
And my host has a alert who say me : “IONOS DNS settings are inactive if you use a custom name server” Maybe that’s the trouble and he’s not dealing with it…
And The backend needs to be accessible by the customer.

It sounds as though you may need to use Ionos for your DNS to make everything work.

@gregraven I feel like Ionos isn’t great. What are you using as a host?

I’m in the process of moving my domain registration to epik.com.