Are there any guides on how to point a Wordpress Custom Domain to a Netlify site?

So, I’m fairly new to setting up websites. I have this website built using Gatsby,, and Netlify:

The site it’s replacing is hosted on at

I’m wondering if there’s a guide on how to transfer the site over to Netlify. I’m not sure if that’s possible with Wordpress though. Do I need to transfer it to another name server, or can I retain the WordPress hosting(?) services (it seems to be providing e-mail services too?) and preserve everything but the actual website being served.

I guess this would mean Wordpress would only be used as a name server and to manage mail? I’m a little unsure of the terminology for these things and I have no idea what Wordpress is actually providing at the moment, or if it’s even possible to decouple the hosting from what’s currently being served on the front-end.


I don’t think WordPress sells domains, does it? If it doesn’t maybe you’ve purchased the domain elsewhere and are pointing your domain to the WordPress host using nameservers, probably. Since you say you’re also getting email services, I am not sure what host you’re using.

In any case, you should remove the custom nameservers from your domain registrar, use Netlify using A+CNAME records as mentioned here: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs and use the MX records settings as your hosting service provides.

@tunztunztunz I hate to say it this way, but this is one of those things where if you have to ask, you’re not ready to make this change. There are dozens of complex moving parts involved in transitioning from WordPress to static pages. Without the knowledge of how to do this, you are best not embarking on this journey.

Hi, @tunztunztunz.

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The important thing to understand is this: Wordpress doesn’t run at Netlify.

If you want to make a new site which isn’t a Wordpress site at Netlify, you can do that. There is a blog post about that here.

If you want to point your domain to the site at Netlify, you can keep your current DNS service (wherever it is - it doesn’t matter) and use these instructions.

If you have other questions, let us know. Again, welcome to the Forums! :netliconfetti: