Gatsby wordpress cms custom domain

Hi guys i am close to finish a Gatsby website that uses Wordpress as CMS and is uploaded to Netlify, but now i have a question.

For example this is my gatsby website: which will become market. com when it’s finished.

And let’s say that here is the wordpress installation

Is it possible to make this setup?

My domain pointed to netlify and keep the wp cms with the domain in the server?

Thanks for your help.

While it is possible (using proxying:, do be careful - we disallow URL’s with /wp-admin/ and /wp-login/ in them since people generally can’t directly host wordpress sites here.

So the layout you’d want to use IF you need to keep wordpress at the same domain (my advice is to use a separate hostname for wordpress than, like, which you and your content authors visit directly, or via a normal redirect, see for examples) is to make sure you proxy from a path that DOESN’T have either one of those strings I mentioned in it (so visit /wordpress/* but have that proxy to /wp-admin/*). Not sure how well wordpress will work in that config since I don’t have such a setup, so I’ll reiterate my advice not to share the hostname for best results :slight_smile:

We can host the content generated from there even without wordpress being hosted at a similar URL.

Thanks for your help , i will look into this.