DNS set issues with Netlify + Gatsby + Wordpress

Hi there,

1-Cannot get domain.com (currently brings users to old WordPress website version) to redirect to www.domain.com (currently brings users to new Netlify-Gatsby website)

2-Cannot set CMS domain/settings properly (ie. cms.domain.com)

Domain and WordPress are with main Web Host at wpx.net (so Netlify is not main platform for DNS.)
Netlify and WP are linked via plugins, no issues there.

Domains and IPs below are placeholders.


Web Host DNS Settings

@ A (This is Netlify’s IP, I need at least 1 @ record in web host DNS settings, won’t let me delete it)
www CNAME crodeng18yf99.netlify.app (without CNAME, the www.domain.com shows an error in Netlify settings)

Netlify settings under Domain Management> Domains


www.domain.com (as primary domain)

domain.com (supposed to redirect to www.domain.com)


Web Host DNS Settings **

I tried to set cms.domain.com in Web host and WordPress wp-config.php file (so no more domain.com in WordPress.)

Web Host lists 2 IPs for standard WordPress installation, I used them for the cms. subdomain.
@ A
cms A
@ A
cms A

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hey @AGM

Can you provide the actual domain you are having issues with rather than using a placeholder domain.com.


artofgrowthmarketing.com is the domain.

I solved the first issue about redirect from artofgrowthmarketing.com to www.artofgrowthmarketing.com

Now I am still trying to find a way to solved issue #2:
setup the subdomain cms.artofgrowthmarketing.com with WordPress

All insights greatly appreciated.


Ok, so artofgrowthmarketing.com and ww.artofgrowthmarketing.com both load a Netlify site :white_check_mark:

So the issue now is getting cms.artofgrowthmarketing.com to load/point to an external WordPress site? I believe that works fine

Of course, as artofgrowthmarketing.com isn’t using Netlify DNS, Netlify as a service has no impact on this at all.