Nameservers, DNS, SSL, Gatsby & WordPress

I have a WP backend setup at this URL.

I would like to point a Gatsby site to build from there. However, I need to have my .tech domain pointing to the Hosting provider of the WordPress so that the the SSL is updated properly.

Is there anyway of building and hosting the Gatsby site on Netlify without having to repoint the .tech name servers to Netlify?

Sorry that reads a little daft to me.

Of course it can be hosted, but I’m hoping that I can redirect to my .tech domain. So that it loads up the Netlify version of the site when you direct to

At the moment the .tech is pointing at the people hosting my WordPress site. They ‘have’ to host it or I don’t get SSL from them. Which in turn probably causes issues with the Gatsby Build itself.

Hi @0x0Bop, welcome to the community! Yes, you can point your domain to your netlify site by following this: Once you do that, our system should provision a certificate for your domain so you don’t need to worry about not having a certificate.

Let me know if that works for you.