Host simple company website with gatsby and wp

Hello. I am newbie to static pages and netlify.

I tryied to find this questions but i still hace some unanswered ones.

  1. I want to publish a simple company site using gatsby and WordPress. Will have only a contact form and some static pages. I need custom domain and i have ssl from godaddy.
    can i use the free tier for this? The idea is use some builds and wp hook.
    I see there is not a simple pricing plan for this. I think 30 dollars is a big gap from 0.
    I am very interested to host the site on netlify but 30 Will be a lot for this use.
  2. Applies for the first but using netlify cms.

Sorry if these questions are already on the forum i didnt find a consice answer.


Hiya :wave:t2:

Well so the short answer here is that yes, you can use the free tier of Netlify to do most of what you’re proposing. You can’t host WordPress on Netlify but if you want to host it somewhere else then pull the WP data into Gatsby during its build phase, you totally can. Additionally, the Netlify free tier does support custom domains.

And yes you can build an auth’d Netlify CMS into the free tier too.

That all said, wiring that all up and ‘making it real’ is a very complex process and not something we could take you through step-by-step on the forum, so hopefully these answers are clear enough to say “Yes it’s all possible and free, but we can’t do it for you” sort of thing. I hope that’s helpful! The Netlify free tier has incredible amounts to offer :grin:


HI. Thanx. And ssl with custom domain is possible?

hi @pabloat81 - you’ve already gotten a lot of great info from Jon, but to answer your question:

“Netlify offers free HTTPS on all sites, including automatic certificate creation and renewal. Our certificates use the modern TLS protocol, which has replaced the now deprecated SSL standard.”

If your site is going to be that simple, why get mixed up with WordPress? Either use Gatsby by itself or code the pages by hand.

HI @gregraven i need cms fearure. My question was oriente to know if free tier would work or need somethig else. I am coding with netlify cms. Thanks

@pabloat81 You mentioned you were using WordPress. If instead you are using Netlify CMS you should be good on all counts with the free tier as long as you observe the terms of service.

@gregraven i was thinking in wp and then saw netlify cms and i liked it a lot.

I saw the terms but i didnt get clear if a company site applies so i asked here. Because 30 dollars is to much for what we are needing. You think it wont apply?


@pabloat81 I think if you don’t need the benefits of the paid tier, then the free tier is for you.

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