DNS registrar recommendations for netlify

I plan on using Netlify for hosting. Since Netlify doesn’t offer .nl domains I need to find another Registrar. They need to offer .nl domains with free email. Can anyone recommend a Registrar? Thanks.

hi @Engine44 - you may want to read through this thread first, let me know if you still have questions afterward.

Thanks. It seems like name.com does offer .nl domains. It’s not clear to me what their email services are. Perhaps I can get an answer from them.

Update: They do not provide free email.

Hi, @Engine44. I sent you my personal domain registrar recommendation (which is only my opinion and not the opinion of Netlify).

Regarding getting email service with registrars that don’t include it (as is true with domains registered using our service), we have a existing community topic about this exact issue:

I hope that is helpful as well. :+1:

Ok. I’m trying to understand the situation.

I have a new domain at Godaddy: ballymore.nl
There is no email associated with it.
Will I be able to set up an email alias for it using ImprovMX?


UPDATE: After further reading, it appears that ZOHO Mail fits my situation. In effect they would add email to my Godaddy domain. Then I would have any email that came in forwarded to my personal gmail address.

Does that seem like I am understanding things correctly?

yes! that is a great approach.

@Engine44, it also looks like email forwarding can be done direct through GoDaddy:

Here is the GoDaddy documentation:


Godaddy has changed. The above suggestions no longer work. Yesterday, Godaddy told me there is no email or email forwarding if you have only purchased a domain name. At the moment, I will probably use Zoho. Thanks.

I have some of my domains hosted on OVH (Ovh.nl). They offer a basic webmail (not sure if for free anymore) or free redirections to my personal email addresses (which I prefer)


hey @Engine44! Super appreciate you being polite, but generally no need to reply with “thanks…” just hit the like button :+1:

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Lol. I’ve said “Thanks” all my life and I’m too old to change - but not too old to learn new things like Netlify.

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