Transfer domain away from Netlify domains

Hi, I need help to transfer a domain bought on Netlify to another registrar. I followed documentation I found that directed me to the support page. I submitted a request as suggested and I never heard back.

This is business critical so I need assistance to proceed. This is urgent matter.

hi there, a couple of questions:

is this the documentation you found?

when you submitted a request as suggested, did you receive a confirmation from the helpdesk that we received your request? We will only contact you through the email that is associated with your netlify account, so please check in your spam folder as well.

No, I didn’t get any confirmation. I also created a account which was requested in documentation. Still waiting on something to happen. I really need to move the domain ASAP.

Hi @gitngin,

I’ve seen your post here and Twitter… but I haven’t seen anything reach our Helpdesk! If you select site/transfer from and provide the necessary credentials, I’ll get this done for you.