Suspended Account?

I see a lot of other users experiencing the same problem. My account just got suspended without any warning or reason as I was uploading a new deploy to a site for a client. I have no idea why this happened but it is really affecting my business of doing freelance sites for clients. Are there rules around cryptocurrency related sites, or any other rules I might not have been following? I am a free user. It said that they sent me an email to proceed with ID verification but there is nothing in my inbox or anywhere in my email account. I am unsure of what to do as Netlify support seems non-existent with anything email related. Anyone have some advice or is there any way to get in contact with someone from Netlify outside of these forums?


The Self-Serve Subscription Agreement is here:

I’m not aware of any specific published rule regarding crpto/nft sites, but previously they were asking people producing them to reach out to their sales team to discuss getting an Enterprise plan, as per this thread:

I’ve not seen it raised much recently so I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

I doubt you’re looking to jump from a “free” plan to an Enterprise plan though.

You can try contacting the appropriate support team via the link as shown here:

Ultimately if you are hosting content that you think Netlify may find objectionable or risky, your best bet would be to seek another hosting provider.

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t believe the sites I was hosting were objectively risky, they were playful sites with no type of inappropriate content whatsoever. Some of them were crypto related, but weren’t a scam of any sort. I also had a portfolio site up as well.

Do you think that Netlify support will actually get back to me regarding this matter? I haven’t had luck with them in the past, but I do really like using the platform to host.

Also, after my account was suspended, it said on the login page that an email would be sent to quickly regain access via verifying my identity. I didn’t receive any such email, do you know if there’s any way to get the email to come through? I checked all folders in my inbox.

@kh7 I frequently see people get their accounts suspended for hosting “clone” sites too, perhaps you were hosting one of those?

I can’t say, I’d imagine it would ultimately depend on what caused the suspension.

I’ve seen people with suspension/login issues get them resolved, but it usually seems to take a few days.

I don’t know of any self service way of re-triggering the account identity verification email.
You could mention it if you send a message via the support form.
Usually I see it get re-triggered once support staff check why the account was suspended.

Hiya @kh7 :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. I sent your query to helpdesk so stay tuned to your email.

Awesome, thanks! I’m glad to hear. Will be on the lookout.

Hey SamO,

So I received the ID verification email and was able to get back into my account thankfully. However about 6 out 8 of my sites, the DNS isn’t working still and the sites can’t be accessed. It says the nameservers aren’t pointing to Netlify, even though the domains were purchased through Netlify. I’ve reached out to support via email and am waiting to hear back, but do you have any thoughts / solutions? Thanks.

Glad to hear you got back into your account. That’s definitely strange I’m thinking perhaps the DNS is going through propagation again as the domains/sites were removed?

Can you wait about 48 hours or so and if you are still experiencing this issue can you share the six domains that are unavailable so we can investigate further?

Hey SamO,

I have signed up for the Pro account and have still been unable to receive any kind of help from the support staff at ZenDesk, I just keep receiving replies from different people but no one is explaining to me what is going on, so I had to reach out to developers elsewhere for info on the situation. Here is what’s going on (copying from the email I sent) :

So I performed the following steps to resolve the name server problems:

But still no luck in getting these domains active again. It is saying they are not being served by Netlify, which doesn’t make sense since I purchased the domains through Netlify and am unable to transfer them anywhere else.

I would also like information on why my account was suspended if possible, because I haven’t been given a reason for that yet either.


Looks like this was resovled in the helpdesk.

This is what I see last:

Is your “Thank you!” not an indication of this being resolved?

I saw that it was resolved afterwards, my bad.

However, my site is facing the same issue and is still not resolved, can you look into that?

Resolved as well. Kindly don’t keep the same conversation going on in multiple threads.