Account got Suspended - I don't know why

I was making a change to my DNS settings to make a site go live and all of a sudden I am suspended and all my sites that I have hosted on Netlify go down. I have no idea what I did and got no explanation when I tried to appeal.

Any ideas on what I can do?

It is very similar to this post Account suspended - don't know why apologies for similar post, but I saw that one was tagged ‘Support’ and had no responses for 3 hours, figured Admin may be more applicable and hoping for more timely response.

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I will add the info I got from Netlify in automated responses was first: “Our automated systems have flagged the login activity for your account as suspicious.”
and then: “We regret to inform you that your account has been flagged due to increased potential for fraudulent behavior.”

Not sure what this is alluding to

yes. i’m having the same issue. i don’t know what happened. hopefully someone will take a look at it soon.

Very serious issue, disappointing to see a lack of responses or explanation. Seeing several other posts with no explanations or conclusions up to 5 days ago, so if your in a situtation like me where it is time sensitive it looks like we must scramble to find different hosting providers.

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Hi I’m having the exact same issue today. “Suspicious login activity” then “Increased Risk of Fraudulent behavior”. And no answers. Happened immediately after building/deploying a staging branch. The thing is I really love Netlify they have been doing such a great job over the years first time I see this happening!


adding my email: and ticket number [#161787]

Hello all, if you have submitted your appeal request please sit tight as we work through the queue. If not PLEASE attempt to login again and you will be prompted to submit an appeal. Following this appeal we will manually review your account and follow up with a decision via email.

Thank you for your patience regarding this.