About Account Suspension

This was an email from netlify "Hello, and thank you for your interest in Netlify services.

Our automated systems have flagged the login activity for your account as suspicious. Please provide us with additional information regarding the websites you intend to deploy on this account. What topics will they cover and who do you intend to read them?

Once we have that information, we will follow up via email. If you do not tell us about the content you intend to deploy here, we will not be able to unlock your account.

This request will be automatically closed after 4 hours of non-response.

Thank you for your cooperation, The Netlify Fraud & Abuse Team" Then I reply them with the message that “This is my portfolio website and use for showcase”. After that I get an email that your account will be suspended and their will be no further chance for review. with out any reason they suspended my account. Kindly some one please help me to restore my account.

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Same just happened to me.

same thing happened to me :frowning:

Hi y’all, our VP of security has responded. We will be reaching out soon.

Does not violate any rule. I have a beginner account. I Think an algorithm is prepared by netlify team to give response to the users. I suggest netlify team to manually check the account and then convince the user about violations. Thank you

Hi @saeedullah123 , thank so much for sharing your feedback. If you were banned can you make sure to submit an appeal after you attempt to login (again). From there we will manually review your case and get back to you.

Please bear with us as we work through the queue. Thanks for your continued patience. :netliheart: