Please help me,errMsg: Appeal an account suspension

I remember I didn’t deploy a website before
I don’t remember using netlify on it either
I remember it was my first time using
But they just stopped me from logging in and suspended my account
My account is
Please help me

Error message:
Appeal an account suspension
We have suspended this account due to symposium activity If you feel that your account has been suspended in error, you can apply this suspension
I have appealed multiple times as instructed
But I didn’t get any help

Please help me
Thanks baby


We regret to inform you that your account has been flagged due to increased potential for fraudulent behavior. As a result, we are unable to enable your account. We understand that you may have questions regarding the ban; however, please note that we will not be able to provide further review or additional reasoning for this decision.

We appreciate your interest in our services, and while we understand this may be disappointing news, we take the security and integrity of our platform very seriously. Our Fraud and Abuse Team has thoroughly reviewed the situation, and based on their assessment, the decision to disable your account has been made. We value your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you,