Request for Account Reinstatement

Dear Netlify Support,

I am writing to request your assistance with our dev account (2 weeks old or so). Seems our DNS zones are down, and as a result, I was unable to log in on our website nor Netlify dashboard nor receive email. Thankfully we moved our Name servers out of Netlify.

We would also like to move to the PRO plan in order to get email support (salty that this issue came up first)

Please review the account and let me know what information you require in order to lift the suspension. Your prompt response and more information on the matter including source and reasons for suspension would be greatly appreciated. If you could please create a ticket/email to follow up there it would be much better.

EDIT: Thanks for reaching out on case number 161751 I am just a little bit distressed that all our websites and dns including MX went down without notice.

EDIT 2: I received an email that says: “We regret to inform you that your account has been flagged due to increased potential for fraudulent behavior” - Even though the first email said “suspicious login behavior” so which one is it?

Hiya, please if you have not done so already attempt to login again and you will be prompted to submit an appeal request. From there our VP of security will manually review your account and follow up with a decision via email.

If you have done so already please sit tight as we work through the queue.

Thank you for your continued patience.