Account suspended for suspicious activity

Hello. I recently created a Netlify account for a local client of mine whom I have built a website for. They are supposed to take over the Netlify account once I’m done with the project and use it as they wish. I uploaded their site and they even purchased a domain through Netlify. Then just now when I tried to update the site Netlify stopped the deployment. There is no copyright material on the site that could be violated and nothing that violates the terms of service. I’m incredibly confused and my client is very angry that the site is down. Please tell me why this happened and how I can fix it.

Netlify administration has gone mad. They’re adding features to wrongfully profit from developers.

Hi, did you submit a support ticket? If so can you share the email wrote in with?

The email associated with the suspended account is:

I wrote a support ticket request from my pro account which I use my GitHub to log into. The associated GitHub account is JDemlow. Email is

We have face the same issue, we have been trying to follow all suggested steps and have reached out to admins individually, we are also considerate not to spam their inbox but trying to get this sorted for the last 20days seems a bit frustrating, could anyone suggest alternate possibilities here?

Hi, I responded to you already. I sent your query to our helpdesk. They will have to remove your domain and transfer to They will follow up with you via email ASAP.

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Hi @JDemlow Thanks for providing these details for me. I have sent the email to our VP of security he will respond to your ticket and send you a verification link to the email you wrote in with. Thanks for your patience.

But the person emailing me from support is saying that there’s a way to confirm the account and reaccess it. Why does the domain need to be transferred?

Netlify was finally able to reinstate the old account for my client. I had to open a pro account so I could email support directly, and also the auto verification email wasn’t being sent automatically so I had to have it sent manually. But everything works again