My Netlify account ha been suspended, I don't know why?

Authentication Error

Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account.

Since yesterday I am getting this message as I try to login into my netlify account and due to this I am unable to access my account and also my some of important projects which I have deployed on netlify, failed to work properly which contains my portfolio and some of major projects which I had mentioned them in my resume.
Can anyone please help me with this.

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You’re not the only one. Seems like its happening to a lot of people. Including myself.

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Mine is suspended too, this is very bad out of nowhere without any explanation

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Because of this issue I am unable to access all my deployments and they were not working properly. This will affect my candidature in various companies where I have applied for job profiles.

Those of you experiencing this:

Do you have free or paid accounts?

Do you host the kind of content that you may expect to be kicked off the system…

  • Copyrighted material
  • Clone websites using the logos of the real businesses (e.g. Netflix, YouTube etc)
  • Cryptocurrency related

From the posts I’ve seen, it appears related to logging in with two different providers, both git and email?
Was that your experience?

It could be they’re legitimate account locks, but seeing so many occur with no response from Netlify has left me a little spooked to access my own paid account lest it happen to our business.

Its free account

For me its just app landing page nothing copyrighted, i built from scratch whole website

It’s my personal site and no all content on the website is mine. I also have a free account.

Are these newly created accounts or have you had them for some time?

(Just trying to take a wild guess at what metrics the seemingly automated system is using to flag and lock your accounts.)

I’ve had the account for about 2-3 months I believe. I noticed I got the suspension roght after I signed in with my email. I I usually sign in with GitHub but then created an account with my email and that’s when it suspended right after.

This post mentions being told about “suspicious login behavior”:

This post mentions originally having a ‘git account’ and trying to use their ‘email’:

This post also mentions “suspicious login behavior”:

As does this post:

So anecdotally it certainly seems related to logging in, or logging in with both GitHub & Email.

How do you think we can get their attention so we can get our accounts back because this sucks lol.

Yes i was trying to login in , i entered my password 4-5 times wrong but i was not aware it will suspend my account

You cannot, on a free account support is only administered by this forum.

That said, in my own experience support wasn’t faster via the “Pro” & “Business” plans, as everything below an Enterprise account is considered “self-serve”.

Direct quotes from their sales team:

“Pro” and “Business” are both self-serve tier plans the support offering there is the same.
Currently the support offering is email support with no guaranteed response time.

Our self-serve tier is for prototyping, hobbyist or smaller projects and therefore we don’t expect projects with urgent needs or requirements that go beyond self-serve on our self-serve tier. Our enterprise plans are suited for for projects that require more timely responses and more specific attention.

I can’t advise what the current response times are, but historically we encountered 72+ hour response times via email, with the forum being closer to 24-48 hours.

I anticipate someone at Netlify will spot this in the next few hours though, the question will be do they have to wait until their office hours tomorrow morning to be able to action anything.

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I only use github for login in and as soon as I logged in to see my staging branch deploy the account lost authorization. Later did a sign up using the same email address and the account was flagged for “fraudulent behavior”.

Were you trying to login via a git provider or via email directly with Netlify?

I may be misunderstanding this, but if the security measure for multiple failed password attempts “locks an account” (taking the sites down), it sounds like a great vector for attacking peoples sites on Netlify, all you would need to know is what email address they had their account under.

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By email, i am trying to move all my websites to now …

I’ve never heard of render! we are moving to a Pro License on Vercel but I might just give render a try thanks! Any idea how is the support there?

Netlify will respond eventually, and I’m not sure what you’re building with, but other options for “static sites” are:


Its look good but i am trying first time.

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