My account was banned for no reason

My username was LilithBlackrose. I was on the free tier hosting my business/personal developer site as well a stone for fun build to show off. I was banned when I deployed an example build and then when I appealed it I was offered no explanation. If I need to use a paid tier for business that’s understandable but a warning would be nice as opposed to zero communication, but to my knowledge I wasn’t violating any terms.


Same thing with me. Currently trying to deal with them too on this.

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Same thing happened to me. No response for my support ticket so far. If this mess isn’t fixed in the next 24h I’m ditching this platform and I suggest everyone to do the same and speak up about this sh**ty service.

same thing happend to me yesterday. still waiting for a response.

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been impacted by this. Please take a look at the post our VP of security made:

You will all have an update soon.