I think my account which has 3 website is suspended

@SamO i read many articles tried to contact on email tried to comment on many posts. tried to change password

I think my account is suspended. That account is really precious to me. It had 3 website. All website is working now, its very important

I am not sure why it happened. I dont get any email regarding it. Please let me know whats the issue you flagged and i will fix it asap.

Please let me know how can i fix this

This is urgent my clients are constantly messaging me and i am not able to do anything

I wrote a post but i think its deleted maybe because of spam i dont want to spam now i hope you can tell me how can i fix it. Let me know what website has issues and i will simply delete it from my netlify. I think there is a tesla roadster website that i created which can flag my account. I promise i will delete it. Please help almost 3 website are down. and its giving me a lot of stress

Please share your account’s URL.

Url i not copied its not logining my emi syedabubakkar7583479Sa@

Hi, @Altaf. One of the websites on that account was reported for copyright infringement and the account was suspended for that reason. You will need to find other hosting for your sites.

Hi sir my other sites are in unuse form i need to control my clients , they are burdening me please give me one chnce i delete that infrigment site please give me one chance .

Hello sir plese tell what shoud i do

Hi, please write into fraud@netlify.com as they will be making the final decision on your account.

What to do i have done lot of time i am not getting response please help i promise i will delete that copiright website please help me :sob:

Hi I have sent your query to our helpdesk to investigate further. Please refer to your email for ticket # 243438

Please tell me help me please :pray: