I think my account got suspended

i read many articles tried to contact on email tried to comment on many posts. tried to change password

I think my account is suspended. That account is really precious to me. It had 500 website. No website is working now

I am not sure why it happened. I dont get any email regarding it. Please let me know whats the issue you flagged and i will fix it asap.

Please let me know how can i fix this

This is urgent my clients are constantly messaging me and i am not able to do anything

I wrote a post 12 hours ago but i think its deleted maybe because of scam i dont want to scam now i hope you can tell me how can i fix it. Let me know what website has issues and i will simply delete it from my netlify. I think there is a tesla roadster website that i created which can flag my account. I promise i will delete it. Please help almost 500 website are down. and its giving me a lot of stress