I think my account which has 450+ website is suspended

i read many articles tried to contact on email tried to comment on many posts. tried to change password

I think my account is suspended. That account is really precious to me. It had 500 website. No website is working now

I am not sure why it happened. I dont get any email regarding it. Please let me know whats the issue you flagged and i will fix it asap.

Please let me know how can i fix this

This is urgent my clients are constantly messaging me and i am not able to do anything

I wrote a post 12 hours ago but i think its deleted maybe because of spam i dont want to spam now i hope you can tell me how can i fix it. Let me know what website has issues and i will simply delete it from my netlify. I think there is a tesla roadster website that i created which can flag my account. I promise i will delete it. Please help almost 500 website are down. and its giving me a lot of stress


Hi :wave:t6: thank you for reaching out. Your account has been removed as you were found to be infringing on copyright and you had several phishing sites on your account. These infringements has violated our terms of service. You still need to find a new platform to host your content.

I will delete those website please give me one more chance @SamO. There were 400+ website. I did not knew these were the rules and i am sorry for it​:sob::sob:. Please give me a chance i wont make the mistake again

I really hope you give me 1 chance. I did not knew about it. I will buy PRO account as well. My 450 website are down. Please help me. I am really helpless

i am ready to pay 100 dollars too please help.

I will delete all the website that i think even have 1% chance of copyright infringement. Just 1 chance please. I lost my 3 year work in 1 day. Please have some sympathy. And give me a chance to redeem myself

Hi @ArunTeltia As a one-time courtesy, we have reactivated your account and suspended the two reported sites. We have removed the two sites that violated our terms of service.

Hosting infringing content on our service is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, available here, which is incorporated in all our agreements. If any of your sites are reported again, your account will be permanently banned I encourage you to go through your entire account and remove any other content that violates our terms of use.

Thank you so so so much really i will never forget this. It means everything to me. i wont do anything that will lead to this in future. THank you so very much