My account has been suspended again

Las week, My account was suspended, because some third party claim that we could be suspicious of breach on Copyright and phissing,

After receiving an answer here, and finally reaching helpdesk by email, I was able to show proof that our sites are legitimate, so after a day in hell without the ability to give service to our clients. our account was restablished to normal. and all the sites were up again.

But around half an hour ago, this just happened again,

My account ( ) is suspended again and all the sites are down.

This was my previous interaction here

previous interaction

Hey there, @Juan :wave:

My apologies that you have encountered this again-- your site has been reinstated.

When Netlify receives a report of phishing, we suspend the site. Your site was reported to us twice, once by Axa bank and once via Netcraft. I suggest you address this with your site’s trademark owner, Axa bank, as they likely pay for a service that detects phishing and impersonation.

What I can suggest in terms of Netlify is that you upgrade to a Pro account or higher. We have different phishing review processes for free accounts versus Pro accounts, and an upgrade will ensure you get a closer review should future phishing reports come in.

I know this is not an ideal response, and I have surfaced this experience to my team so that we can reflect on and refine our processes. Let me know if you have additional concerns or questions so that I can loop in the appropriate folks.

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