Account Suspended With No Reason

Hello, My Account Is Suspend After 2 Years Without Any Reason, My Websites Are Stuck Now, Kindly Reactivate My Account For Only 1 Day Please, I will Transfer All My Site To Another Platform. Kindly Help Me.

Hi @imjaink :wave:t6: ,

Sorry for the delay on this. Your account was marked as spam because you are an affiliate marketing site. Now this does not go against our terms of service. I would strongly encourage you to upgrade to a Pro account which will get more thorough check before we deactivate your account when you get reported.

Now, you do not HAVE to upgrade but if you don’t upgrade your account might continue to get deactivated the next time your site gets reported. Nonetheless, I have now unblocked your account. You should be able to access as normal. Thanks.

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