My Account Suspended By Netlify Without Any Reason

Recently I created my new account but it has been suspended without any reason, I have not used my account even once, so on what basis I have been suspended? Your support team is not responding (the worst support I get compared to other services).

I also tried using different methods to create an account but I keep getting the same problem again and again. Even some of my friends also try to create an account on this website but they all are getting the same problem.

I send a request to review my account using both methods (manual verification or stripe verification) after suspension but don’t get any response from the team, just the auto responder sent me the same message again and again whenever I Tried to contact the Netlify fraud detection team.

Hiya, thanks for reaching out. Can you confirm the email you would like to receive a verification link?

This is my personal account that I created just to access the community because my business account was unable to sign up to Netlify. I have been suspended on my business email when I thought maybe it was due to a technical issue in Netlify, I tried from my personal email also but I got the same error in that too.

I want to create a Netflix account on my business email, please tell me how to confirm my business email (which is currently suspended). I don’t think it would be right to share email here, in the community form.

If you want I can send you all my details to your email or Netlify support email. What details do you need to verify? And how can I send it to you?

Hi, your account were automatically marked as spam as an effort to crack down on potential fraudulent behaviour. Please see our VP of security response regarding this.

You should now be able to verify yourself via stripe to unlock your account. Please try signing in again and follow the prompts to upload a copy of your ID so we can be sure you are legitimate. Please view a list of acceptable documentation for your country here. If you are not prompted to do this please write back with your email.

Hello Sir,
I have created my account at And I have already submitted the ID for verification but no response since last 4 days.

Stripe verification is instantaneous so i’m not sure why you’d be waiting for 4 days. Nonetheless you verification email has been sent. if this does not work you will need to signup for a Pro account or higher.

I am uploading a proper PAN to verify my identity so why did Stripe not verify my identity? Please solve this issue because I need to use Netlify for my project.

What country is your document from? I’m not familiar with the PAN?

I am from India and submitted a document provided by the Indian Government.

Hello, I am waiting for your reply.
My problem is still unresolved. I am facing the same problem that has been reported by someone else on this form.