My Account Suspended Without Any Reason

Hello everyone,

Out of nowhere my account is suspended and because of this I’m unable to use my account and my previously uploaded site is unreachable. I’m a mod creator and I was using netlify to easily upload my mod guides in plain HTML so that people can read about it and setup their mod easily. I’m not selling anything or even have link to my Patreon.

I’m trying to reach support, but I’m getting random Zendesk email saying that it has been found fraudulent which is kinda strange. Likewise, I think there is a misunderstanding.

Any idea how I can resolve this?


Hi, you should have been prompted to verify your Identity via stripe. Has this not been the case? If so please provide your email and we should be able to send you an email to verify your ID.

Hey Sam,

No I did not get any verification email from Stripe. Out of nowhere I forcefully logged out from Netlify and when I tried to log in back, system said my account is suspended. I created a ticket on Netlify side and got response from Netlify Zendesk saying that my account is suspended with following sentence in the response:
We understand that you may have questions regarding the ban; however, please note that we will not be able to provide further review or additional reasoning for this decision.”

Please send me a message from here so that I can provide required information, perhaps I’m missing to see the button, but I think I am unable to send a direct message to you from here.

I must note that my account was a free-tier account for a non-commercial mod project. Hence, I don’t think I should be getting any email from Stripe since I didn’t sign up and/or initiate anything related to Stripe.


Hi, can you share your email so we can send you a verification link?

Hi Sam,

Email id -

Domain -

This is not the email you described above. This is a verification email from discourse.

Hi Sam, I don’t want to share my email address I used for netlify in open forum which can result me getting a bunch of spam emails.

If this forum doesn’t have a messaging system, please provide me your company email address so that I can send you an email with a link to this topic.

@kylesloper that email and domain isn’t mine. No idea who this person is.

Apologies @Bloc they messaged me privately saying this was their topic. If you can direct message Sam your email that would be great :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see any “Message” option in the UI. Perhaps it’s not allowed because my account is still considered as new?

Perhaps, if you can’t see a message option when clicking on Sam’s profile then it’s probably that. I don’t have the power to grant you a higher trust level so hang in there :slight_smile:


I had this same problem. Same fraudulent message. Please can you help