Site suspended after first deploy

Dear Netlify team,

I just deployed a first version of the website for my new SaaS product (the site is called “gentle-sunburst-ddc5ba”). Right after deploy there was a “suspended” tag with the message “Site is suspended for non payment”. I’m currently on the free plan and added my credit card info just in case but the message did not go away.

Could you tell me how to fix the issue?

We host the frontend app of my other company on Netilfy (we have a paid account) and it would be convenient to also use it for my new project.


Hi, it actually looks like your account was banned for potential spam. Please see our VP of security response.

Please attempt to login again and you will be prompted to appeal your suspension. We are working through the backlog of reactivation requests so this may take some time. Thank you for your patience. :netliheart:

Hi Sam,
Thanks for your quick reply. I logged out and logged in again (using my github) but I did not get a message about the suspension. There’s still the suspended tag next to my site.

What should I do?


Can you try logging in with your email? We also have a support guide on this that details how to submit a support ticket.

At the bottom there is a link to the form.