Appealing an Account Suspension

You’ve attempted to login to Netlify and found that you are locked out and all of your websites are down. On our login page, you see this special login widget instead of the usual login/password boxes:

This means that your account has been deactivated as it was reported as violating our terms of service in some way - usually something more like phishing than copyright infringement, and usually illegal activity more than misleading misrepresentation, but all of those reasons - along with the rest of our terms of service - could be the reason for suspension:

We are always happy to consider your appeal of this lockout. Please fill in your name, and an explanation of what kinds of sites you will deploy / have already deployed, and who you expect to read them, into the above box (shown at when you try to login), for our consideration. Please note that if you fill in the boxes with nonsense, we will ignore your request.

Please also note that, per the above terms, your account at Netlify at any level is subject to our continued willingness to host it, including and beyond anything listed in the terms of service - we get the final say in reviewing and choosing, but we are happy to take your input, though we may not agree with you or take the actions you want in response.

Please note: this thread is locked to any customer responses - you should appeal any lockouts through the above-pictured form. In the rare case where you don’t see the form while trying to login, you can also file a support ticket via our web form - please select “login/signup” as the category.