Please read: changes to our recent pricing update

hi there,

how many contributors are in your team? and do they contribute to a private repo? And are you on the starter plan?

  1. Me and one bot that optimizes images
  2. No it’s all public, e.g. GitHub - TruncatedDinosour/website: My website's source code.
  3. Yes

(Also I’m guessing it’s your birthday from the cake badge so happy birthday :))

Great, then you have no charges to worry about, the changes are really only for team sizes larger than 6 and contributors to private repos for Pro and above. Thanks for the well wishes!

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Aggggggg, thanks, I got worried lol,
even made a blog on it and restricted contributions,
thanks :slight_smile:

Deleted all sites of Netlify and moving to Micro-repos are the norm, requering private repos to be on a personal account is a stupid move, I am not going to make a mess of my code and repos to suit Netlify.

Thank you for everything, whish you well in the future.

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Hi there,

Here is a way I planned to use Netlify and Netlify CMS.
I would like to know if this usecase is affected by this pricing update.

  • A website is set up with Netlify CMS and Hugo
  • Subscriptions are open to anyone.
  • Users submit content through Netlify CMS
  • To protect users’ privacy, the Git repo is private. (Otherwise, user’s email is visible in the Git commit message)

Will each of these users count as Git contributor?


Please note these changes are only affecting Business and Professional accounts.

More info here: Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

Hope this helps clarify it!

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I could not agree more with @LuisOsta .
Thank you for your recommendations.
We are also out of here.

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Thank you for letting us know, @shellinabox.