Git contributor billing

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Git Contributors and billing
Once a Git Contributor is added to your team manually or through the auto-approval setting, they will contribute to your total member count and will be added to your bill.

Team Owners are only charged for Git Contributors who have triggered a deploy during your team’s billing period.

I’m currently on the free trial month right now with only a single user but the private repository i’m hosting with has 5 contributors on github who constantly push to the repo (we’re using a monorepo approach so it’s a push even if they’re only working on backend not related to netlify)

Does this mean that I’ll get billed for $19 * 6 = $114 once the trial period ends?

The billing page on my netlify account still says that I’m only using 1 seat only and is only showing $19 will be my next invoice.

I’d like some clarity here. Is the system gonna suddenly shows 5 seat once the trial ends? That’d certainly be a surprise bill.

Hi, @chakritw. The Git contributor billing logic asked the following questions:

  • Did the person committing trigger a build at Netlify?
  • Did the build at Netlify complete successfully?

If the answers to both are “yes” then they will be billed as a Git contributor.

If you have people working in other locations in a monorepo, the default build ignore command should detect that no changes have occurred in the base directory. This should prevent the build from completing. If the build does not complete, the person won’t be counted as a Git contributor.

However, people often override the build ignore command to force all builds to run. When that is done the commits to directories outside the base directory at Netlify will still trigger builds and the builds will complete successfully. In that scenario, because they have triggered successful builds at Netlify, they will be counted as a Git contributor and you will be charged for them.

Do their changes happen in the base directory at Netlify?