Github contributors and billing

Hello people,

I’m not sure in swhich thread,
but I saw something about git contributors
being treated as netlify members (soon(?)), does that
mean if a person contributes one time, I merge it
(public, my own repo (e.g. GitHub - TruncatedDinosour/website: My website's source code.))
and it obviously will trigger a release deploy,
does that mean they’ll get added to my team and I
will have to pay the full price for one-time git
contributor orr? I stopped accepting pull requests and resorted to using issues instead
of pull requests so I wouldn’t need to pay like 50 euro
for one pr, maybe I’m getting it wrong?

Thanks for the answers in advance

Hi @B00bleaTea

Please refer to our documentation for a basic description:

What is not included there is what happens if you do not add them as a team member. In that case, we bill you for any Git Contributor that has deployed a site during the last billing cycle. At the end of the billing cycle, we remove the Git Contributor so that we don’t charge you for inactive users. If the Git Contributor later deploys again, let’s say 3 months later, we again bill you for them during that billing cycle.

Configuring Netlify not to build Pull Requests/Merge Requests for your site(s) is certainly an option. Note that the user who merges a PR or MR will be counted as Netlify team seats; users who have commits in the PR will not be.

I hope that helps!


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