Reminder - Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

Hey folks! This is a reminder of the upcoming changes to Netlify plans, original post here.

Starting April 28th:

  • Git contributors will need to be team members in order to trigger builds (For sites connected to private Git repositories on Pro and Business teams). Teams will only be billed for the number of team members. Currently, Git contributors are people who trigger builds on your team’s site(s). Moving forward, in order to trigger builds, Git contributors who aren’t Team Members will need to have their deploy approved by a team Owner and be invited to the team. Teams can set up deploy notifications to be notified of events related to pending deploys (see how in the Netlify Docs here). This does not apply to Starter teams at this time.

  • Pro & Business teams with 7 or more team members will need an Enterprise plan. These annual plans come equipped with benefits such as premium 24×7×365 support, uptime SLAs, higher-powered build environment, and a High-Performance Edge network for faster page load times. If you’d like to chat with us about this, we’re available anytime to hash out what makes most sense for your needs.

We would like to actively and transparently communicate everything here as we understand that this may take time for teams to plan and adjust. As always, the Support Team is here to answer any questions you may have - please add any questions, concerns or input to the original thread (not this reminder) so we can keep the conversation focused in one place.


The Netlify Team