Questions about Upgrading to Pro Plan

  1. In the Netlify Team Overview it says “Team: 2 Members”, which consist of 1 “member” and one" Git Contributor" (a.k.a. deploy user). Which number is relevant “per team member” in the Pro plan cost? Does the Git contributor count as a member in the billing? Will it be $19 or $38 per month?

  2. Is the Pro Plan ($19 per member) per developer or by site/customer? I suppose, it is per developer, but I’d like to be clear about it.


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Those are great questions! If you can match the Git Contributor to your Netlify account, then they will both count as one (the same) team member. If the Git Contributor remains unmatched, then they will count as an additional member and incur a $19 charge in any month that they deploy. The matching instructions are here.

Here’s some additional information about Git Contributors if you didn’t already see this.

The Pro plan is $19/team member/developer.

I hope that helps!

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