Pricing change questions: what are team members

In light of the recent changes that force a hard linkage between git repository contributors and “Netlify members”, the pricing page should clearly mention the new behaviour to more accurately reflect the significant price increase.

The only related language I can find currently is:

Members: Trigger deploys on Netlify or log into the Netlify platform UI.

It’s unfortunately hidden behind an accordion and still sounds like “administrative accounts”, while the new reality (unless I’m mistaken) is along the lines of “everyone that will commit to the repository - even 3rd parties like freelancers/subcontractors and custom bots”.

I’m aware that Netlify has long had per-seat pricing, but it is an atypical pricing system in the hosting industry where it is standard to pay for the resources & features that are allocated to AN account, and prior to this it was easy to interpret a “Netlify member” as “an administrative account” (something that businesses frequently only need one of).

As having more Netlify accounts doesn’t provide any additional benefits (e.g. increase the resources or the level of support against the account), it’s entirely understandable (at least to me) that as currently worded businesses would misinterpret that they can operate with only one account, while the truth is they may need more accounts than they have employees or even multiple accounts for themselves if they plan to provision an account per-client.


We honestly do not understand your decision about new Pricing Plans.

We want to pay. But for something that brings us value. We want to pay a price proportionate to the service. We want to pay a price that scales according to our usage.

Paying for users does not add any value.

For a small agency like ours the new pricing plan doesn’t make any sense.

Just referencing this related post that asks for the docs & pricing information to provide a clear definition of “Team Member”.
It’s a valid request that has not received a response.

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stopping by to see there is still discussion and work happening to define “team member” in the clearest way possible, both in terms of how that role functions within our system, and also how we phrase it.

More on that soon but i wanted to let you know we are still talking.


The forum bot has requested that I post here to indicate this is not solved.

I can see that the language behind the accordion on the pricing page has been changed, but hasn’t addressed my original concerns.

The pricing page still doesn’t provide a clear definition of a “Member” nor outline the fact that Git Contributors on Paid Plans MUST be Members.

The new language is:

Trigger deploys on Netlify or log into the Netlify platform UI. Sites connected to public repos will not have membership requirements for deploys

It now mentions that public repos are exempt, but still provides no clarity for the changed pricing.

By comparison the main page for Cloudflare Pages, (which contains the pricing information) says:

Unlimited seats for free: additional collaborators shouldn’t break the bank.
With Pages, you can add them all for free.

It’s very obvious from their chosen language that they don’t have per-seat pricing.
Contrasted against the Netlify language I simply can’t tell that it is per-seat pricing where git contributors are seats.

In fact, neither git nor contributor are mentioned within the per-member pricing.

If you’re going for value based pricing (and raising prices by anywhere from 2x to 105x for some customers), just own it. Make it clear to those assessing the pricing against other providers what the new pricing is and (if possible) why it is a good deal for them.

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