Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

This move is so boneheaded.

We woke up yesterday to being blocked from deploying any code to multiple websites, one of which was launching yesterday!

There was no email notice about this major change that broke everyone’s workflow.

The writing is on the wall ‘STOP USING OUR PLATFORM’. We’re leaving for greener pastures if this move isn’t reversed. It makes no sense whatsoever.

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Check out render, cloudflare pages, or AWS Amplify for services that don’t price based on seat. We’ve calculated our frontend bill will be lower than prior to netlify’s changes.


Hey @hillary - Our team name is ‘hz’ and we are on a business account. We were not notified about these impacting changes, and now many of our sites won’t build. We are a small agency but have a lot of folks that work in our github account.

@hillary @fool Could y’all please update your docs and pricing page to define what a “team member” is?

Check out the Billing FAQs and Pricing Page and Terms of Use Agreement. Only someone at Netlify knows what a “team member” is supposed to be.

(It was clear when they were just a setting in the dashboard but now it’s unclear based on other messaging)

Also while we’re providing real world examples Netlify didn’t think about:

  1. Our billing admin (non-technical)
  2. Our customer support team members logging in to check the spam folder for a single form (non-technical)

Now we’re being told the price will jump from $133/mth (7 users) to $3,000/mth (as quoted by sales team). That’s a 2,256% increase so people can see bills and check spam for customer messages.

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We have also had 0 notifications on this, blocked our workflow.

Sent a ticket - 4 day response time, we are already going to move, off to use Cloudflare Pages, works for us and it is actually better value in our case.

Complete mess by netlify here…

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On your plan, you’re limited up to 6 team members. You will need to upgrade or remove members to stay in compliance on your current self-serve plan.

We are 6 in our team, why do I receive this notification?

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Hiya @npg - that is intended to clarify that you are getting close to the limit, but we are working on a way for you to dismiss the warning. Should be ready by the end of the day!

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Why is six people the cut off? By what reasoning?

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Yep! All three offer deploy previews. If you just need frontend hosting with preview they are great options. We just finished the move to Amplify. It was pretty straightforward, especially if you have domains with Amazon.

Cloudflare Pages was something we wanted to try, but it doesn’t support monorepo at the moment, so that is something to keep in mind.

As a Netlify customer, I am completely FRUSTRATED by the change to git contributors and the rollout of these changes. This IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. It’s awful, harsh, and a DISHONEST movement towards us and ALL other Netlify customers.

It shouldn’t be on us to check the support forums every day for breaking changes and post-implementation notice is not enough. If we did this with a client, there’s a very good chance we’d be fired.

I am honestly considering leaving Netlify by next Tuesday. If you guys made a movement of this type today, what will you do next year?

This will make our costs at least 4x higher without ANY ADDITIONAL FEATURE. And you know how we discovered it? When our deploys STOPPED WORKING as they USED TO.

Our account is meza-digital and many websites are with pending deployments. This is not what we agreed when we bought your services, and we require you to turn this abusive rule down.


For me, it makes sense to make pressure on Netlify’s CEO.
I have made it directly through LinkedIn, in case anyone wants to share:

The answer you are looking for is an increase to MRR. Gotta keep those VCs happy, no matter how many customer faces you have to step on in the process!


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It’s extremely concerning to me that Netlify’s messaging indicates the only issue they see is with the communication they provided, not the change itself.

Imagine if your local pizza shop suddenly started charging the cost of the pizza multiplied by the number of people that would be in the room when you ate it… and if 7+ people were there it becomes an “enterprise pizza” at 158x the cost.

To be clear, you only get the same amount of pizza, but because we feel everyone that eats the pizza is getting value from it, you should pay many times over.


This is so incredibly frustrating. Our builds have been broken for 2 days, totally breaking our teams workflow with NO notice. And I didn’t realize there was a change in pricing or plans until an apology email was sent to our billing email?

Absolutely infuriating. I am seriously going to look at other services after this. This pricing plan just doesn’t reflect how my team uses Netlify.

Thanks for all the feedback thus far, folks. As I’m sure you know, we’ve been hearing a lot about this in various channels and our team is working hard to adapt based on this feedback. Our leadership is reviewing threads like these, tweets, helpdesk tickets and the like. Small status update, since we’ve been really busy and are still working to respond to all of the individual feedback and won’t finish that work today:

  1. For everyone who contacted us about their concerns before about 0000 UTC Saturday 30 Apr, and is on an impacted Pro or Business team, we attempted to email your billing contact in our system with next steps. If that is you, and you didn’t receive, or can’t find that email (it came from noreply@hubspot.com, but is set up to funnel responses to our helpdesk), please contact us in the helpdesk by following this link, and we’ll review the provisions we can put in place for you today.

  2. If that isn’t you - you too are on a Pro or Business team, and have concerns but didn’t discover the changes before then, or haven’t spoken up yet - please also follow this link to the helpdesk to let us know, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Apologies for our slow responses during these changes - we know we should have done better before, during, and now, and are working very hard to repair our relationship with you.

@fool Can you provide some detail as to why the response to this by Netlify is being taken “off thread”, which is to say it seems to be being conducted in private with each of the parties that are raising the issue, rather than any kind of blanket resolution.

It reads a bit like you’re offering special deals to those that complain, but to everyone else they just have to suck it up.