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We've got news! New Business plan and pricing updates

We’re excited to announce some changes to our pricing options!

You can now get started with Netlify Pro for less than half the cost. Pro is $19 per team member/month and you can sign up with only one team member (no more minimums). This plan includes features like slack notifications, password-protected sites, and shared environmental variables. Pro also includes Netlify email support and boosts bandwidth by 4× and build minutes by 3×.

We also launched a brand new Business plan for $99 per team member/per month with advanced team security and collaboration features, self-hosted instances of GitHub Enterprise and GitLab, and unlimited use of Netlify add-ons like Serverless Functions, Forms, and Identity. This plan is perfect for streamlining workflows for developers and teams and for taking business-critical apps to production.

By updating our pricing to a per-user model, you will never have to purchase more than you need. Check out more details on our pricing page.

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is “High (95%) cache hit rate” the same thing as “High Performance Edge” and do you have to go through sales to get the price for it, even if you’re on the business plan, or is it posted in the control panel?

hello! I have some answers for you:

  • the high cache hit rate is a feature of HP Edge
  • you would go through sales to get it

And it is also part of an enterprise upgrade.

Let me know if you have more questions!

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I didn’t find it in the new pricing features list, but it seems Pro plan lost access to the Outgoing webhook.
We were using it for a project and it stopped working this morning. In the Deploy notification section there is the following message: Restricted: Some of your notifications are inactive because they are only available on a different plan.

Do we have to get a $99 plan to keep using what we were using on our $45 plan?

It is a really good thing Netlify changed their prices as the step between free and pro plan was quite big, but it would have been nice to not remove features for the people who are already using and paying for them.

I hope someone can tell me if I am mistaken on this.

Does the Pro model expand the timeout period on functions (Lambdas)? I think they’re currently set to 10 seconds, which can be quite restrictive when running things like Puppeteer.

In the current state it’s not possible to know what we will lose taking the new pricing policy before we upgrade.

Once it’s done it’s forever.

I think lot of current pro plan customers will not move without full informations on differences.

Hey @FabienD,

I’m chasing this internally for you and we’ll feed back once we have an update!


For amendments to function region and timeout limits, we ask that you upgrade the site to Level 1 Functions. This stance currently remains unchanged :smile:.


It’s our belief that our now-legacy Pro plan and the $19/month Pro plan are like-for-like (with the exception of Fabien’s query above which we’ll feed back on). Our address internally is that nothing beyond pricing has changed :+1: .

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Thank you! I hope you can find what is happening on our account.

Hey @FabienD,

The only account I’m finding associated with your email address is on a Starter plan. Can you confirm the team or site in question regarding the webhooks query? :slight_smile:

@FabienD, @anthonyP,

I can confirm that there are no feature changes between the now-legacy Pro and the new Pro :slight_smile:

@Scott but legacy pro plan does not depends on user amount
I mean even if i am alone to access netlify today, it’s probably better to keep legacy pro plan for future

@anthonyP our last Pro plan was $45 for up to 3 members, if that helps :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I am using my personal account on the community website, but the issue is coming from the account I am using at work (dev@goldkey.co.jp, the team slug is gk-dev).
I checked again this morning, and I still got the message that to use Outgoing webhook I need to upgrade to Business.

What would help is to keep access to legacy plan details in our dashboard as long as we keep it.

How is charge adding new user after the third one ?

I have some feedback on the new pricing structure.

First - it’s better than it was.

Second - it could be much better, and be more likely to make people upgrade, which I think is what you want.

The problem with the current price structure is that your fundamental axis is charging by seats. This makes sense if it’s sales CRM software, because that’s also the same axis as the value received by the customer.

With webhosting, adding seats doesn’t actually make any difference to the fundamental value received by the customer, whereas all the other cool stuff (forms, identity etc) make for good reasons to upgrade. It also creates a security risk, as it incentivises sharing of passwords.

PS I’m sure you know way more about this than I do, just my humble opinion


Since this morning the webhook is working as before.
I don’t know what happened but thank you!

Team fixed the bug for you about 45 minutes ago - just hadn’t gotten over here to let you know yet @FabienD - glad you found it!

$19/seat for new ones beyond 3, @anthonyP.

So to summarize …

If we target to only have 1-2 users it’s better to switch to new pricing.
If we target 3 users or more it’s more interesting to keep current plan.

Thanks for this thoughtful feedback, @chrism2671! We’re glad you think it is an improvement, we do too! We appreciate your opinion, in case you’re curious, here’s our take: we believe that each person who gets access to our platform at the Pro level gets value out of those features. We’re keeping the amount per person affordable, while keeping in mind that the collaboration between multiple partners do make productivity and developer experience at scale more and more of an asset to a team. Thanks so much for letting us know what you’re think on this, we do take it seriously and I have brought your feedback to the rest of the company already to talk through this answer :slight_smile: