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We've got news! New Business plan and pricing updates

Also noticed a bug. Pro should have 5000 identity slots but it’s still 1000 for me.

Update: Noticed its back to 1000 now on the pricing table? Absolutely no point in taking identity level 1 because you might as well take the BUSINESS plan. Seems very odd right now.

Howdy @witweb and thanks for bringing this up! Just reviewed with the team and the bug is in the interpretation, which of course means the bug is in the presentation, so our team is looking into a fix.

However, please be aware that the tables near the bottom, such as identity pricing, are for “those products on their own”:

…while the one massive table near the top is for the plans. You’ll see that the pro plan says “1k users”:

1k per site /month
($99 when exceeded)

which is true and correct for the pro plan. The 5000 users near the bottom is “if you purchase identity level 1…”:

$99 per site /month

…which is a separate charge and service, since you can buy it on any plan - Starter included.

Please let me know if that doesn’t make sense!


I have a question with regards to the Business Plan. On the pricing page under Business, it says to contact sales for High-Performance Build and High-Performance Edge. It also mentions about optional add ons here: https://www.netlify.com/pricing/business/. Does that mean all of the features of High-Performance Build and High-Performance Edge are available on a Business Plan at an additional cost or just some of those features? Or do you have to move to an Enterprise account?

It would be great to have more clarity on this.

Many thanks

Hey @knoxjeffrey,

In short, your plan will migrate from a Business to an Enterprise plan, if you were to adopt the features denoted with ‘Contact sales’.

The Business plan is completely self-serve. Therefore, to adopt the ‘Contact sales’ features, your plan becomes a tailored Enterprise solution.

Happy to discuss this further or have a member of our Sales/Solutions team reach out to you!

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I know its not a new business plan anymore, but I was wondering how the business plan works with identity and function. Is the unlimited included in the $99? Is that true for both functions and identity?


Yep! The business plan offers unlimited forms, identity, & functions and unlimited analytics for all sites:

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